Qantas Golf Club

Qantas Golf Club / WiTH Collective.

Associate Creative Director: Nicole Hetherington, Art Director: Brett Walsh, Copywriter: Adam Burns, Print Producer: Kirsten Caly, Account Director: Mitch Caputo, Photography Production Company: Chee Productions, Digital Operator: Andy Stevens, Assistant: Joel Pratley, Stylist: Cherith Crozier, Hair & Makeup: Annabel Barton.



Chief lighting assistant Joel Pratley giving the thumbs up.

Chief lighting assistant Joel Pratley giving the thumbs up.




Recent work shot for Optus Business / WiTH Collective.

AD & Design: Paul Kelly & Brett Walsh, Print Producer: Sarah Cloutier, Account Service: Josh Sandford, Digital Project Manager: Nick Kennedy, Photography Production Company: Chee Productions, Digital Operator: Felipe Neves, Assistant: Joel Pratley, Hair & Makeup: Annabel Barton.










Air Bnb

New campaign for Air Bnb with the good folk at WiTH Collective. Steve Coll: Chief Creative Officer, Hamish Grieve: Creative Director, Matt Johnson: Senior Copywriter, Phillip Campbell: Account Manager, Greg Tearne: Print Producer, Chee Productions: Production Company.





Adam Taylor AIR BNB Calvin Adam Taylor AIR BNB Leisel Adam Taylor AIR BNB Mark Adam Taylor AIR BNB Spencer

Adam Taylor AIR BNB Clive










Woolworths Insurance

New work with Leo Burnett Sydney for Woolworths Insurance. Client Credits: Head of Insurance: Chris Cramond Car and Home Product Manager: Julia Pannett Agency Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo Creative Director: Joe Van Trump CD Art Director: Sharon Edmondston CD Copywriter: Misha McDonald Producer: Sarah Cowen Print Production: Alex Watson Group Business Director: Suzie Baker Account Director: Nicole Catling Senior Account Manager: Daria Willis Rapid Films Credits: Director: Craig Rasmus Executive Producer: Susannah DiLallo Producer: Rita Gagliardi Adam Taylor Photography Credits: Production: Tamiko chee @ Chee Productions Operator & First Assistant: Issac Mclurcan.












Surf Retrospect

Collaboration with Sutherland Shire Surfing to create a short film. Credits:Director & DOP: Adam Taylor Edit: Adam Taylor & Adam Spence
Surf Retrospect re-enactment was organised and staged by Micheal Banister & James Young celebrating 100 years of surfing in Cronulla 2015
(from left) Ernie Johnson, Barry Banister, George Opperman, Larry Perryman, Alan ‘Buck’ Spencer, Ron Casacelli, Brian Keane, Rob Young, Kieth Suann, John Salmon, Barry Regan, John Suann, Ken O’Donnell and Kevin Quealy.

Samsung GALAXY NOTE Edge

Fresh work for the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge campaign via Leo Burnett Sydney. ‘Your edge’ is about setting yourself apart through the Galaxy Note Edge’s borderless aesthetics and expanded user creative space. Client Credits. Samsung: Marketing Communications Manager: Bianca Da Silva & Julia Reimnitz Agency Credits: Leo Burnett: Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo Art Director / Group Head: Sharon Edmondston Writer / Group Head: Misha McDonald Art Director: Carlo Mazzarella Copywriter: James Pash  Account Director: Laura Dowling Print Producer: Ronald Regis  Adam Taylor Photography Credits: Production: Tamiko & Matt Chee Digital Operator: Felipe Neves First Assistant: JP Westlake Second Assistant: Diego Stylist: Sophie Hart Hair & Makeup: Annabel Barton Set Builder: Phillip Skelton Retouching: Leo Burnett & Limehouse



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset













Glam By Manicare

Combined print and motion campaign for Glam  Eyelashes By Manicare with Reborn.  Creative Director: Hamish Grieve, Art Director: Daragh Ledwidge, Director: Adam Taylor DOP: Adam Taylor, Edit: Adam Taylor & Adam Spence, Producer: Tamiko Chee, Stylist: Carli Johnston, First Assistant: Klint Collier, Digi Tech: John Kung, Hair & Makeup: Tira Jaye, Models: Danielle & Nicole from “When Words Fail”, Rochelle Fox and Sarah Marie.






Inspired By…. Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell is the first in a series I’ll be posting on photographers that inspire me. His work is so singular, and recognizable. I love the power and I love the honesty of his portraiture and the duality of his work, its both classic & contemporary. Originally a surfer from La Jolla in California, it wasnt till his girlfriend bought him a camera at the age of 28 that he thought about photography as a possible career. Even then he thought of it as something only rich people did. Jan Wenner of Rolling Stone gave him his first big break shooting seventeen pages of men’s fashion.  Soon after he moved his wife and family to New York, he now mainly shoots celebrity portraits and fashion for some of the most prestigious magazines of our time,  such as American Vogue, W, Vanity Fair and the New York Times Magazine.









Up Close

Up Close is a portrait study of 8 faces, young and old, male and female.

The approach was to intimately photograph each face from the same distance with the same lighting each time. The aim was to explore the physiognomy of the face, questioning the relationship between the individual’s outward appearance and inner character. A selection  from the project can be seen here website


Dubai Abra

The Deira Abra in Dubai gives a glimpse of textures from the original 1930’s city. It apparently was a popular trading port with smugglers then.  It is where the first Dubai settlement was built as the driving force behind the early pearl trade with the outside world. The creekside is lined with dhows still trading with most ports of the middle east including India and East Africa.








Pier 62 Skatepark NYC

Pier 62 skatepark in Chelsea. Ive been wanting to check it out for a while. The skatepark is built on top of a pile supported marine platform and uses structural foam to create the shapes and forms that are usually sculpted into the earth. The project is unique and the first of its kind. Be sure to pack your sunglasses if you come on a bright sunny day.






Schweppes ~ Underwater Shoot in New York


I teamed up with talented creative director, Armando Zuniga from the innovative agency MK, to shoot their new Schweppes “YOUR TASTE” Campaign underwater in New York City. A big thank you to the support and co-ordination of Silverscreen Marine and their director Adam Browne and the beautiful work of Jenny, our underwater model. So comfortable underwater, she could well be a mermaid..


Agency: MK Norway
Creative Director: Armando Zuniga
Project Director: Britt Hege Karlsen
Producer: Donna Belej
Model: Jennifer Wyse
Underwater Team: Silverscreen Marine
Retouching: Cream
Agent: Jai-Lee @ Glasshouse





Hotshop Awards ~ Photographer of the year

Very nice to win Australian Creative Hotshop Photographer of the year

Here are some words from Australian Creative about the judging.

“The more the market is crowded with good ideas, the harder it becomes to SHOW US SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It’s not always the one who screams the loudest that cuts through – sometimes it’s the one whispering, making you lean in closer, that gets the message across.”

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Really cool to win this.

Awarded IPA Advertising Photographer of the year.

A great honor to be awarded Advertising photographer of the year in the 2011 International Photography awards from over 10,000 entries,  for the Surfrider Campaign “Our oceans aren’t the only ones in danger.” I am now a finalist for “photographer of the year” at the  Lucie Awards, New York City October 2011.

It was wonderful working with the talented and creative team from Leo Burnett: Art Director, Brendan Donnelly and writer Guy Futcher.

Click below to read the PDN feature:

PDN Adam Taylor Awarded IPA Advertising Photographer of the year

Watch the IPA finalists video here:




Exert taken from an interview with one of the original Dogtown Z-Boys, Jay Adams on Strange Reaction

“I was in a Venice gang called the Venice Hoodlums we were a mixed up bunch of White Boys, and Mexicans and we dressed up like vatos, Dickie pants, white shirts, and Pendletons, and bandanas. But after I saw that show I completely got into punk rock it was perfect because I was troublemaker, and thought it was cool to have people fear me. When I walked into a room I wanted people to say damn these guys are crazy you better watch out or they’ll fuck you up. Punk rock shows were perfect for that because it was all about violence, I started hanging out with Mike Muir he had just started Suicidal Tendencies band he used to wear a leather jacket with safety pins in his ear and we all wore boots with bandanas tied around them. I was still wearing Dickies, and vato clothes with my blue bandana because Venice was a blue-color town. So Mike started dressing in Pendletons, and Dickies as well, and Ric Clayton started drawing hand-drawn Suicidal shirts before every show we went to. We’d all meet at Mar Vista Park before every show, and pretty soon we had 30 to 50 guys showing up to go to the shows. We all started wearing the same kind of clothes, and it started looking like a gang, but we had to because the other punks from Orange County were beating everyone else up from LA so we put a stop to it by protecting each other.”






The Cage

Or West 4th Street Courts

The smaller courts lead to a very physical brand of basketball that has been likened to a “steel cage” match. Usually the sidelines are simply ignored during play. Due to the large number of players who come to play here, especially from the Bronx, competition for playing time is stiff, and losing players rarely get to play twice in a row.