Exert taken from an interview with one of the original Dogtown Z-Boys, Jay Adams on Strange Reaction

“I was in a Venice gang called the Venice Hoodlums we were a mixed up bunch of White Boys, and Mexicans and we dressed up like vatos, Dickie pants, white shirts, and Pendletons, and bandanas. But after I saw that show I completely got into punk rock it was perfect because I was troublemaker, and thought it was cool to have people fear me. When I walked into a room I wanted people to say damn these guys are crazy you better watch out or they’ll fuck you up. Punk rock shows were perfect for that because it was all about violence, I started hanging out with Mike Muir he had just started Suicidal Tendencies band he used to wear a leather jacket with safety pins in his ear and we all wore boots with bandanas tied around them. I was still wearing Dickies, and vato clothes with my blue bandana because Venice was a blue-color town. So Mike started dressing in Pendletons, and Dickies as well, and Ric Clayton started drawing hand-drawn Suicidal shirts before every show we went to. We’d all meet at Mar Vista Park before every show, and pretty soon we had 30 to 50 guys showing up to go to the shows. We all started wearing the same kind of clothes, and it started looking like a gang, but we had to because the other punks from Orange County were beating everyone else up from LA so we put a stop to it by protecting each other.”






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